I am the ancestral spindle of high sorcery and sorcery. His work uses the most powerful magic rituals and spells of ancient spirits. Influence people. I’m a consultant in demonology.

Underestimate the power of artistic magic is not necessary, many famous stars, businessmen, politicians and rich people have become such thanks to the successful work of white and black wizards and magicians. In my work, I guarantee absolute confidentiality and secrecy of treatment. I also undertake to protect you from negative consequences in my work. The inability to see my work by clairvoyants and other masters. Full control until complete results.

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The master guarantees 100% result of his work! Without overpayments, expectations and empty promises.

Do not test your fate for strength, because even with the most persistent and strong people, anything can happen! This may apply to relationships or business projects. Leaving the family and so on. Turning to me guarantees you help and fulfillment of all your desires in reality.

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Calling and working with celestial beings that affect the reality of the situation. Work with Kabbalistic manuscripts collected by qualified bibliophiles.

The Christian Kabbalah

Enochian Magic

The true magic of angels. Possession of Key texts, and other spells with angels, filled with apocalyptic symbolism. Enochian magic refers to religious magic.

Esoteric and theurgic systems of the highest levels of Freemasonry. Acceptance into service. For politicians and high-ranking officials.

The Elected Cohens

A burnt offering of sacrifice above the ground high in the mountains . Maximum positive result if all the conditions before the wizard are met.

Summoning demons and making talismans. Practical influence on angels and archangels in order to get help and material benefits from them. The magic of the lesser key of Solomon.

Goetia and Theurgy


The highest Masonic rituals from symbolic degrees to the highest. Collective triple rites for a lot of money. Dear.

Course of Islamic esotericism, the use of forbidden and forgotten techniques of magic.

Sufi ritual magic

Surahs and verses

Collected lines from the Holy Koran to banish the Jinn, remove damage and the evil eye. The work is carried out only remotely!

Using zodiac deans to perform magic procedures and spells, extremely heavy and dangerous magic.

The Magic Of Grimorie

Voodoo magic​

Работа с Бокором практикующими черную магию. А также со священниками Вуду. А также работа с луизианскими и гаитянскими священниками.