Get advice from the wizard

Rules for contacting the wizard for help

Recommendations for the use of magic

welcome you.
This page will contain information about operating rules.
I will be happy to help you in any situation.
This information only implies a recommendation for you.
If you find it difficult to determine your current situation and give it an appropriate assessment, I will always be happy to help you. You can always contact the specified number on the site!
My rites and rituals have a powerful impact on everyone who asks for help!
When you contact me, you must be sincere and tell only the truth, and nothing but the truth. Only in this case, I guarantee that we will offer you our expert advice and assistance. The current situation depends on the clarity of giving me information about the result. When contacting me, I guarantee complete confidentiality, and the information I receive will not be passed on to third parties.
When working with us, we are in constant contact with you. I need to have information about your condition and be aware of any changes in your situation.
I will always inform and support you in the framework of our cooperation.
At a time when I might be busy, or be at a ceremony or ritual, I can’t pick up the phone, don’t get upset and don’t worry, I’ll answer, I’ll get you out of here as soon as I can. You don’t have to call me 20 times. Unfortunately, I don’t have a Secretary. I may not respond to your calls, text messages, or any of your requests. In case of an emergency, don’t forget to leave a text message that I will contact you as a matter of urgency.

I have a huge request for you, you must adhere to the rules that will be announced to you by me.
You don’t have to ask for “results in one minute” and such nonsense. I don’t have a magic wand! And it doesn’t exist at all!
My work requires certain deadlines, usually it takes 1-2 weeks. In particularly difficult situations – up to a month or more. In particularly simple situations 3-7 days!
In addition, there must be complete confidentiality on your part, as this may affect the result, since there are certain rules in magic. If you need to consult with one of your family members or your trusted representative, only with my permission!
There you have a huge request! Don’t try to beg me. As well as begging and the like when you come to me, as this will prevent me from giving you a clear and clear advice. Please keep your hands to yourself!
So please focus on every step of your call!
Depending on your wishes, I inform you that you will be informed about all stages of the work, as well as about the photo and video report, if possible.
Your responsibility is to:
1. Let me know about any changes in your situation during the course of your work, as at different stages you can strengthen or weaken the rite or ritual;
2. You should not forget about the rules of decency when communicating with me, do not go personal and do not go beyond what is allowed.
Payment for the master’s work:
You must remember one rule: to get what you want, you must give the equivalent of your desire. Nothing in this life happens for a reason!
Your payment is an adequate financial offer, just like payment for the time spent by the master on the job, payment to the master is an equivalent sacrifice.
Subject to compliance with all of the agreements depends on the complete result! Photos are required to complete your work, as well as photos of other opponents in cases of collective appeal.

Prepayment for the purchase of materials, offers and other items is mandatory! Payment for the master is possible in parts, but the total cost of work may increase twice!